The values underlying our work

THE FINEST ORGANIC BASE MATERIAL: whole animal blood with guaranteed quality and freshness – the natural nutritional vehicle for living species.
EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY: State-of-the-art techniques for producing blood products that transfer nutrients to the plant in the best, most calibrated way.
COMPLETE RESPECT FOR NATURALNESS AND BIOCOMPATIBILITY: no substances that are hazardous or which are susceptible to leaving residues, with total environmental friendliness.
PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS  WITH ALL TYPES OF CROPS: methods refined over the years, with the right dosages for obtaining maximum performance in both quantity and quality. Starting from time-tested know-how, we’ve developed highly innovative products that are clearly different from the rest and are intended for quality farming with an eye on the future.



Four generations of experience. Our company has been working in the field of animal blood processing and the production of organic fertilisers for decades.
We carry out in-depth research into our products, which are the result of our experience helping farmers minimise waste and respect nature.
The qualifying element of our product range is the cost/benefit ratio, compliance with production standards (quantity and quality), administration of nutrients (particularly nitrogen-rich substances) lignification and budding.
Finally, all our products comply with the EU directives on nitrates.




Ungulate repellence

EUTROFIT® and ORGAZOT® are also available in versions that are specifically designed not only to offer the same high nutritional effectiveness as the base product, but also increased olfactory intensity and persistence, so it can act as a repellent against wild animals – and ungulates in particular (wild boar, deer, roe bucks, goats) – as well as birds (starlings and corvids) and hares.
Thanks to their characteristic odour, EUTROFIT® and ORGAZOT® provide a highly effective dissuasive action, thus safeguarding crops subject to damage by wild animals.
The reasons for recommending EUTROFIT® and ORGAZOT® to protect your crops from wild animals include:

• Easy distribution

• Low dosages and reduced costs per hectare

• High persistence in the field

• Can be distributed during any time of the year and during any phenological phase

• Permitted in ORGANIC FARMING

In particular EUTROFIT®

• Can be distributed directly onto plants, leaves or fruit

• can be distributed using a sprayer, also together with other protection products that are generally used, thus reducing labour costs considerably, as it can be combined with normal treatments.



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